Message from Director Human Resources

Mr. Richard K. Manano – Director, Human Resources

Hello! Welcome to this maiden web page of the Directorate of Human Resources. Cognizant of our central role in managing Kyambogo University’s most valued resources, the employees, we seek to share with our stakeholders our mandate, functions, services and outputs in the realization of the corporate vision, mission, strategies and goals of the University.

In doing the above, we will provide you with a glimpse into the process of our creation which was a reaction to address the challenges of the merger of the three institutions, ITEK, UPK and UNISE into Kyambogo University in 2001-2003.

The challenges of managing the merger resulted into the establishment of the HRD unit in 2004 (K2 Informatics Restructuring Report, 2004), followed by the HRM Unit in 2006 (Kyambogo University Adhoc Committee Report, 2006). As he could not address the HR needs, a fully-fledged Directorate of Human Resources was established in 2009-2010 following the McGregor Visitation Report 2007 and Cabinet Sub-Committee Report, 2007. In this regard, we seek to demonstrate how we are transforming from a purely transactional HR to becoming a strategic partner on the corporate high table more involved in the business operations of KYU.

As remarked by our Chairperson Governing Council, Professor John Okedi, in 2018 that “Kyambogo University is on the move”, this page will show how we are creating a balance between the operational and strategic human resource management. We will seek to demonstrate the centrality of the human resources in achieving academic and professional excellence through the five strategic focus areas, viz; teaching and learning; research, publications and innovations, infrastructural development including ICT; Institutional development; and Corporate Marketing.

We will significantly update our valued stakeholders on the policies and regulatory frameworks, processes and other key developments to acquaint them with our resolve towards making Kyambogo University the “Employer of Choice”. You will be able to download some of the approved policy documents that are relevant to the public.

Our fledgling partnerships and collaborations are strategically geared to gaining from the experiences of our peers and more developed Universities across the world.

To make our services continuously revolve around you, our valued customer, we provide you with key contacts and areas of responsibility and pledge to open up platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter and Instagram to enable you to interact with us.

Enjoy and please remember to provide us with useful feedback to serve you better.