a) To guide and manage the attraction, utilization, retention, and development of quality human resources that are critical to achieving excellence in Kyambogo University.

b) The Directorate’s key functions include;

i) To develop human resources strategies, policies, procedures, standards and practices;

ii) To manage the recruitment and selection of the right human resources at the right time in the right place;

iii) To initiate and guide the Organizational Development and Human Resource Planning processes to align the strategies, people, objectives and processes;

iv) To plan and coordinate human resource development including staff training and development;

v) To coordinate and undertake employee and labour relations matters;

vi) To manage compensation including staff salaries and wages, and benefits;

vii) To coordinate performance management – performance contracting and appraisal systems and processes;

viii) To oversee and guide the management of employee discipline;

ix) To promote employee welfare and coordinate employee welfare programmes;

x) To undertake Human Resource Management Information system including provision of relevant information, updating and processing data for decision making;

xi) To undertake employee guidance and counselling in human resources related issues such as career and work-related matters;

xii) To guide, interpret and advise management and staff on all matters of human resource management and development.

c) In delivering the above mandate and key functions, the HR Directorate seeks to reposition itself as a partner to senior management in strategy execution; being an expert in spearheading the way work is organized and executed; becoming a champion for employees and becoming an agent of continuous change.